Hey there!
I'm Andrea Fontanella, your go-to visual identity designer and brand enthusiast, hanging out near Geneva. 
Graphic design has always been my secret crush. Back in my student days, you'd catch me sketching logos and doodles in the margins of my textbooks, creating my very own superhero emblem. I'd play around with illustrations and designs using any fun software I could get my hands on.
In my journey through adulthood, figuring out my purpose wasn't always a walk in the park. Embracing change—whether it was switching countries, picking up new languages, or adapting to fresh surroundings—presented its unique set of challenges. Yet, these experiences, though demanding, became the stepping stones that shaped my path. It wasn't until that confined year (you know the one 😉) that I chose to leap into the unknown, transforming challenges into opportunities.
Now, I'm having a blast turning people's visions, passions, and values into awesome logos, illustrations, and other branding magic that the whole world can admire and connect with. 
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